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Smart Locks in Australia

As a leading smart door lock supplier in Australia, Aus Lock can help businesses around the country get the type and quantity of smart lock products they need for their customers. We manufacture and supply a wide range of residential and commercial grade fingerprint locks, Bluetooth locks, keypad locks, deadbolt locks and other kinds of smart door locks Australia based businesses can stock up on.

As a smart lock supplier in Australia you can count on, Aus Lock can supply all the smart lock products you could possibly need. We manufacture and supply everything from the locks themselves through to the hardware and accessories needed to make them operate efficiently. Whether you want to stock smart front door locks in Australia or smart locks suitable for schools, retail stores, gyms, offices, warehouses or other commercial entities, we have you covered.

Why Buy Smart Doors Locks in Australia from Us?

Aus Lock is a leading digital lock manufacturer in Australia, with a team of highly trained technicians that have the skills and equipment needed to create quality smart lock products. Our team designs and manufactures products at our state-of-the-art smart lock factory in Australia using the best lock manufacturing technology in the industry, ensuring every lock we make is of the highest quality. Nobody knows smart locks like we do!

We strive to remain ahead of the curve so we can continue to supply smart locks in Australia with the latest advancements in the industry. We also make a point of providing exceptional customer service as well as offering premium quality smart lock units at unbeatable wholesale prices.

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Place your order today to get the best smart lock Australia wide at wholesale prices. You can also call us on 1300 644 288 or contact us online to learn more.

Say Goodbye to Manual Codes: Auslock and Uplisting Bring Smart Automation to Airbnb Hosts

Exciting news for Airbnb hosts! The integration of Auslock with the Uplisting platform will revolutionise your property management experience.

Key Benefits :

  • Seamless Integration: Auslock products now connect with the Uplisting platform, specifically designed for the Airbnb industry.
  • Automated Access: This integration allows automatic connection with When guests book their stay, they will automatically receive a code and access to the lock without any manual input required.
  • Simplified Management: Forget the hassle of entering lock codes manually for each guest. This system provides a smooth, automated process.
  • Enhanced Convenience: This feature is perfect for Airbnb hosts looking to streamline their property management and provide a seamless check-in experience for guests.



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