Let’s Get
You Moving

Auslock specialises in providing the best Digital door Locks available through your business to ensure your clients have access to the most advanced technology

Prior to Sales Service

We cover all routes of expectations from Personal Visits, Technical and Security Consultation to Site Survey of Your Property.

Our Auslock representatives can provide a personal visit to your property with hands on support, our support covers properties such as Government sectors, Hospitality, campuses and more, with face-to-face encounters we will educate all about the benefits of our products. We are open for all question to supply you with the best responses. Although our smart locks are simple to use, we will demonstrate systems for you to fully understand the benefits provided, following a site visit to provide suggestions to enhance the control of your property for simple access and egress.

In The Sale Service Period

We Provide Assurance with our Authorized Auslock Installers to on-site Training for all staff members.

From day one Guarantee our authorized Auslock installers know the products inside and out which ensures your smart locks will work accordingly. we are always there for you from the beginning with our trainers providing support to each member of your staff about our smart locking features and how to use the app.

After Sale Services

Repair Or Replacement Guaranteed
If any Auslock product fails to work for any reason just simply send it to your local distributor or direct to Auslock. We’ll either fix the problem or replace it with a new one. (subject to warranty specifications)

Extended Services Program

Auslock offers its customers a flexible warranty program to accompany any product purchased from Auslock. In addition, a variety of extended services program suitable to your needs are available to cover products after the warranty expires. We have a quality products that stand-up to most any adverse conditions. Our warranty and extended services program reflect our products’ durability.

24 / 7
Tech Support

Auslock offers all our customers technical support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for all products under warranty.