Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most frequently asked questions users have about their Smart Locks, before and after their purchase. Please be sure to check if your question has been answered here before seeking support as it may save yourself and AUSLOCK time. If you don’t find your answer here or at our Knowledge Base, we’re happy to help anytime!

What is a default master password and can I change it?

Initial master password is set ‘0000’. It can be changed according to the user manual.

If the battery goes flat, how do I open the door lock?

There are 2 ways. First, you can use a Power bank with android cable to charge up the door lock at the USB point to power up the door lock. Then you can use your card, password or fingerprint to enter. Your second manual override is the key provided.

How many cards and keys will I receive?

  • 2-3 Manual Override keys (model dependant)
  • 3 RFID cards (Additional available to purchase)

Do prices include installation?

No, installation can be booked through AUSLOCK or one of our authorized installers.

How long does batteries last?

Using 4 or 8 batteries, 10 ~ 12 months for 8-12 per day usage. It can be shorter or longer depending on the usage.

Can the lock still operate if there is a power failure?

Yes, The lock operates standalone on batteries so a power failure will not affect its operations.

Is the lock water resistant?

Yes, our locks are rated at IP55 and over.
Why is my fingerprint not detected by the sensor even after I have registered it? What can I then do?

When registering your fingerprint, we recommend you register the same finger multiple times at different angles to ensure you can unlock your door no matter the angle you place your finger. If your finger print is not detected, try cleaning/wiping your finger and fingerprint scanner and retrying.

Does the Door lock have warranty?

Yes, please refer to our warranty page on our website at

What happens when the warranty period is over?

Authorized distributors will continue to provide technical support over the phone. If on-site servicing is required, the distributor may charge for call out fees/assessment.

What will affect the door lock and its performances?

  1. slamming of door may cause impacts and damages to the motherboard in the door lock, and such actions will not be covered under the warranty. Customers are advised to install a door closer as prevention.
  2. battery leakages in the battery compartment may affect the motherboard too. Remember to inspect your battery compartment every 2 to 3 months.

What are the symptoms of motherboard malfunction?

Alarming of unknown melody intermittently, very rapid draining of batteries and problem in locking and unlocking mechanism are some common symptoms of malfunctioning motherboard.

Are Smart locks waterproof/weatherproof?

The outside portion panel of Smart locks are weatherproof. Our smart locks are rated anywhere from -20 degrees Celcius (freezing point) and up to 60 degrees Celcius. Our smart lock range are IP55 rated and over. Whilst the locks are water resistant, we recommend installation under shelter/roof and away from direct contact with water.

My fingerprint scanner does not work.

    1. Check the cable connector in your lock and make sure that there are no bent pins,

which may have happened during installation, and that it is fully inserted into the socket.

  1. If the pins are not bent, try a new fresh set of AAA batteries.
  2. Restart the entire registration process of pairing the lock (see user manual for the correct model)

Your fingerprint sensor should work after a restart.

Will Smart Lock send me a notification when it’s unlocked from the inside?

If a door is unlocked from the inside, it will record the history, however, our smartlocks will require a Bluetooth connection to a registered smartphone in order to update the log.
Our smart locks can currently only send notifications for the door being opened or closed with the installation and purchase of the wi-fi hub (available with the Gateway.)

Can I unlock my smartlock remotely?

To unlock your smartlock from anywhere in the world you must purchase the Gateway and have a Wi-Fi connection.

Does this work with Alexa, Google, or Siri?

Our smart locks (with the addition of our WiFi Gateway) can be programmed to work with the voice-activated software of Amazon Alexa and Google Home. We are currently working on the addition of Apple’s Siri/HomeKit and hope to integrate capability in the future.

Can I use my smart lock to control my Airbnb property?

AUSLOCK provide the best and most advanced smart locks to ensure convenient and safe access to your Airbnb property, or any other investment property.

Do Smart locks have physical key access?

Yes, you can always use your traditional key to open. Each device comes with two or more keys.

Can I use these smart locks in my hotel/motel?

Yes, AUSLOCK offer a range of locks that enhance the serviceability of your hotel, and take away the need for physical cards by offering:

  • Timed passcodes for guests
  • Permanent passcodes for staff/administration to track who is in the room and when.
  • One time passcodes for maintenance/repair
  • Reoccurring/Day & Time passcodes for cleaning staff

Is this lock suitable for offices/business/warehouse?
Yes, AUSLOCK offer the best range of locks to ensure efficient, convenient and safe entry/exit to workplaces with the following features:

    • Passage mode ability allowing the lock to stay open certain open hours eg. Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm and locking outside of those hours automatically.
    • Admin can view log of entry/exit of staff with times in real time.

Can these smart locks be used in public buildings ie. Sports or activity centres?

Yes our smart locks range offer passage mode meaning you can allow access at certain times without providing the public or non-staff members with codes, fingerprints, or cards.

Why does my lock not activate after installing the batteries?

Please check the installation of the lock and the cable was installed correctly during installation and securely plugged in. Also make sure the spindle of the lock is installed to the correct direction, follow product user manual.

How many Access Codes can I store with AUSLOCK range?

Most of our smartlocks have the capability of storing unlimited access codes/fingerprints and RFID cards, however refer to each lock for further details.

Why is my Secure WiFi Gateway not working?

If you find that you are having any trouble with your WiFi Gateway, try some of the following suggestions:

      1. Reboot your lock – Follow user Manual
      2. Make sure you have the latest version of everything on your phone –
      3. Please make sure that your phone and WiFi hub are connected to the same 2.4 GHz network.
      4. Referto user manual as per your lock

How secure is the network connection of smartlocks?

Our smart locks are fitted with state of the arc security technology including:

      • Scramble keycode meaning your code entry cannot be traced
      • Our smart locks work on a cloud based server with all registered information kept within the lock itself

What happens if I lose my phone?

Do not worry, if you lose your phone you can manage your account from any other compatible mobile device. You can also easily move your account from one phone to another and also delete your mobile keys if you think you phone may be compromised.

What phones are compatible with the Assure Lock with Bluetooth?

Compatible with Android phones (Android 4.3 or later) and iPhone (iOS9 or later).