Smart Door Lock Supplier in Tasmania

Aus Lock is a leading provider of smart door locks in Tasmania, dedicated to ensuring the security of homes and workplaces. If you want to offer your customers the best smart locks in Tasmania, explore our range of wholesale options today.


As a reputable digital lock manufacturer in Tasmania, we provide versatile smart locks that enable easy property access control. Our locks can be unlocked using smart devices, Bluetooth, RFID fobs or cards, pin codes, fingerprints, or traditional keys. Every product from our smart lock factory in Tasmania meets Australian standards and security regulations, guaranteeing your customers receive top-quality locks.

Why Choose Us for Wholesale Smart Locks in Tasmania?

With extensive experience and expertise in smart lock products, the Aus Lock team is renowned as a trusted supplier in Tasmania. We offer excellent customer service and can assist you in selecting the right locks for your business.

Aus Lock can recommend reliable smart lock installation services for lock stores in Tasmania. Our fully trained and authorised installers ensure professional installation of any lock your customers purchase.

Suppliers to Airbnb Properties

Aus Lock understands the unique security needs of Airbnb properties in Tasmania. Our smart locks are ideal for short-term rental hosts, offering convenience and enhanced security. Features such as keyless entry and remote access control ensure guests have a seamless experience while hosts can easily manage property access. Whether it’s for a holiday home or a city apartment, our smart locks are perfect for Airbnb properties.

Suppliers to Commercial Properties

For commercial properties in Tasmania, Aus Lock offers robust smart lock solutions that meet the specific security needs of businesses. Our smart locks provide secure access control for offices, warehouses, retail stores, and other commercial spaces. With advanced features like remote access, audit trails, and multiple access methods, our locks enhance security and operational efficiency for commercial properties.


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Aus Lock supplies smart gate, back door, and front door locks in Tasmania at competitive wholesale prices. Place your order with us today, or call us on 1300 644 288 or contact us online to learn more.