Smart Locks in Sydney

Are you looking for a smart lock supplier in Sydney you can rely on to provide a wide range of wholesale lock products? Aus Lock manufacturers and supplies a variety of high-quality smart gate, smart back door and smart front door locks in Sydney.


By stocking up on our selection of premium lock products, our clients can offer the best smart lock to their Sydney customers. Whether your customers need to upgrade the locks that are currently used at their home, office, warehouse, retail store, Airbnb or any other type of property, our smart door locks in Sydney are a perfect choice. They can also be used with a keypad, fingerprint, Bluetooth, RFID device or other method as per your customers’ needs and preferences.

Why Choose Aus Lock?

It can be hard to choose which digital lock manufacturer in Sydney to source products from, especially when your choice can reflect on your own business. At Aus Lock, we understand these concerns, which is why we ensure our lock products are of the very highest quality. We operate out of an advanced smart lock factory in Sydney, using cutting-edge lock manufacturing technology that’s capable of producing smart locks for all types of security requirements.

Some of our clients get asked by customers if they offer installation services for the lock they’ve purchased. We understand that not all of our clients are authorised to offer this service, but Aus Lock is! We can recommend reliable smart lock installation in Sydney that our clients can arrange on behalf of their own customers. Our lock installers are fully licensed to carry out lock installation and strive to get the job done promptly.


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Aus Lock is a smart door lock supplier in Sydney that you can rely on to provide the latest smart lock products in the industry. Give us a call today on 1300 644 288 or contact us online to learn more or enquire about stocking our products.