G2 - Gateway for your Wifi smart lock with keypad


To Remotely Control WIFI smart lock with keypad purchase the G2 Gateway now!

The Auslock G2 Gateway is an elegant and compact Wi-Fi Gateway that simplifies in-home managed broadband delivery. Designed to easily install directly into your Modem, the Auslock G2 also provides integrated Power over Ethernet for powering the Auslock smart lock range.

Download the Auslock App on your smart device and grant yourself access to your wifi smart lock with keypad, Fingerprint, pincode, Ekey from Anywhere around the Globe as long as you have mobile data.
You can;

  • unlock your Auslock Smart Door Lock remotely
  • grant access to guests & visitors
  • Keep a data record of entrance
  • Create an Admin eKey for full control on multiple devices and Set specific dates or times remotely with no monthly Fees.
  • You will receive a smartphone notification when someone opens your door.

All on the Auslock APP!

Also don’t forget your Auslock is also compatible with Amazon Echo or Google Home, wouldn’t it be nice to talk your way inside!


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